signori e villa

The company Signori & Villa was set up in 1946 as an artisan workshop through the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Signori, the founder of the entire business.

Its great professionalism led the company to enjoy steady growth up to achieving its current size: a 3000 m² facility and an industrial enterprise that employs more than 30 people.

Our core business has changed over time, from simple processing and sheet metal stamping, up to the welding of all types of metals, including stainless steel, as well as metal turning and milling.

Our in-house workshop for medium-light metalworking develops any kind of project starting directly with the customer's design or creating it from scratch, using 3D design.

The experience we have gained from over thirty years of business has allowed the company to start manufacturing all kinds of hydraulic cylinders, suitable for the widest range of applications, ideal for both the industrial sector in general and for the specific area of agricultural production. Our current annual production exceeds 30,000 pieces.

At Signori & Villa, you will also find Garolla stainless steel clamp fittings manufactured and sold for the wine industry.

What's more, our ongoing process of technological innovation allows the company to offer quality service and all-round support in the metal industry.

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